Nittinger heads All-Region team.

By: Brian Fees | Towanda Daily Review | March 30, 2018


It was another big year for Waverly senior Elle Nittinger, and she wraps it up as the All-Region Player of the Year.

Nittinger finishes her career as Waverly's second all-time leading scorer with 1,552 points. This year she led the region with an average of 22.1 points a game, along with seven boards and five assists.

In her first year in the NTL, Wellsboro's Tory Self made an instant name for herself, leading the league in scoring and now she is the All-Region Offensive Player of the Year.

Also, in her first year in the area, Mykenzie Malacusky was a force on both ends of the court for Sullivan County, and she is the All-Region Defensive Player of the Year.

Cowanesque Valley's Makayla Vargeson is the Newcomer of the Year, matching her achievement in volleyball this past fall.

Everytime there is a loose ball, you know Zoe Mennig of Waverly will be on it. She plays hard every play of every game and she is the Hustle Player of the Year.

The sixth-player of the year is another Wolverine, Sidney Tomasso, who provided a big lift off the Wolverines' bench, and Waverly coach Bob Kelly is the Coach of the Year.

The All-Region first team is Nittinger, Self, Malacusky; Emily Lunger and Kara Chapman of Athens; Mary Foster of Notre Dame; Makaya Shadle of Galeton and Camry Lane of Sayre.

The second team includes Wellsboro's Lizzie Poirier and Emma Poirier; Waverly's Alex Tomasso; Canton's Tamara Hess; Sullivan's Stef Kramer; Sayre's Stephanie Klovekorn; NEB's Aaliyah Bevacqua; Williamson's Bethanny Boyce; NPM's JoAnne McNamara and Sullivan County's Jessica King.

The third team includes Notre Dame's Courteney Crater; Ellie Binford of Canton; Lindsay Moore of NEB; Katelyn Pagano of Galeton; Emylee Yusko of Williamson; Karmen Short of CV; Hannah Chandler of Towanda; Sarah Bird of Wyalusing; Grace Manwaring of Tioga and Destiny Middaugh of North Rome.

The defensive team includes Malacusky and Sullivan teammate Alexis Randall; NEB's Emilee Allis and Josie Haverly; Sayre's Emily Sutryk and Rachael Tuttle of Wellsboro.

The rookie first team is Vargeson along with Notre Dame's Madison Watts and Kahliah Rivera. Athens' Kayleigh Miller; NP-Mansfield's Jaime Palmer; Galeton's Cara Parsell and Sutryk are on the rookie team.

The second team for rookies is Wyalusing's Callie Bennett and Hailey Jayne and Tioga's Eve Wood. Towanda's Erin Barrett; Sullivan's Sophia Springman; NP-Liberty's Eva Rice and Shyanna Yaggie of Troy are on the team.

The hustle team is Mennig; NP-Mansfield's Alaina McKee; Sophie Adams of Athens; Madi Teribury of Tioga and Abby Winward of North Rome.

The top rebounder award is Blair Wampole of Sayre; the top shooter award is McLinko and the top passer award is Wendi Hammond of Waverly.


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