Wyalusing wins on Senior Night.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | February 14, 2018


WYALUSING — The Wyalusing Rams defeated Sullivan County 49-44 on their Senior Night in Wyalusing on Tuesday evening.

For the Rams, Will Martin led the way with 15 points, Calvin Burke added 14, Jon Morrison finished with 10 points, Kasar Cameron added eight and Chandler Brown finished with two points.

Morrison added eight rebounds, Martin finished with nine assists, and Burke had five rebounds and one assist.

For Sullivan County, John Saxe finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds, Alex Baumunk, Dylan Hottenstein and Dave Pardoe each had eight points.

Sullivan won the JV game, 37-34. Jalen Thomas finished with 12 points.

Sullivan travels to CMVT on Thursday.

Athens 72, NP-Liberty 39

Ethan Lane scored 17 points in Athens' 72-39 win over NP-Liberty on Tuesday while Gavin Stein added 21.

For Athens, Aaron Lane had nine points, Mateo Baglini had six points, Ben Gambrell and Aric Westbrook finished with five points, Damian Hudson added four points and Keegan Rude added three points.

Logan Horsley had 13 points for NPL, Brandyn Choplosky finished with 12 points, Klayton Roupp finished with three points and Mikah Kolb, Ethan Delker, and Nick Grinnell each had two points.

Dryden 53, Notre Dame 48

Notre Dame lost a nine-point lead in the fourth quarter and fell to Dryden, 53-48 on Tuesday.

For Notre Dame, Gary Raupers scored 17 points, Cole Clark had 10 points, Kyreese Fisher and Ben Cook each had eight points, Justin Bauco finished with four points and Dan Stearns had one point.

Wes Stahlman and Keegan Gesin each had 17 points for Dryden.

"Today was a game we deserve to lose," Notre Dame head coach Bill Hopkins said. "We just did not want to win that game. We stopped executing in the fourth quarter and stopped making shots, then Dryden started hitting their shots and the crowd turned in their favor. It was an avalanche. That's how things go when you don't play hard enough, we were out-hustled tonight."


Athens 68, NP-Liberty 23

Kara Chapman scored 19 points to lead Athens to their 68-23 win over NPL on Tuesday.

For Athens, Emily Lunger finished with 15 points, Sophie Adams added 12 points, Haley Barry added 10 points, Kayleigh Miller finished with six points and Kasidy Peterson, Avery Priester, and Rachel Stephens each had two points.

Adams also had eight rebounds and four steals, Chapman finished with 13 rebounds, Barry added four rebounds and four assists, Lunger had seven rebounds and three assists and Kayleigh Miller finished with four assists.

For NPL, Alyssa Remley had nine points, Katie Mistifier and Isabella Clark each had three points, and McKenzie Bogacyk, Kierstin Mistifier, Camryn Moyer and Emma Williams each had two points.

Athens won the JV match, 37-18. Rachel Steohens had nine points for the Wildcats.

Athens travels to Sayre on Thursday.

Canton 43, Troy 29

Tamara Hess scored 19 points for Canton in their 43-29 win over Troy on Tuesday.

Joelle Urban had 12 points for Canton, Shea Rupp added nine points, Emma Bly finished with two points and Kaitlyn Krise had one point.

For Troy, Roxanne Kingsley finished with 14 points, 13 rebounds and one steal, Shyanna Yaggie and Emilie Cole each had six points, Rachel Hickok had two points one rebound and one assist, and Allison Beers had one point, one rebound and one assist.

Yaggie added five rebound and four assists, Cole finished with six rebounds and two steals, Abigail MacDougall had five rebounds and Marissa Bulkley finished with four rebounds and one steal.

Troy travels to Williamsport on Thursday.

Galeton 49, Austin 25

Makaya Shadle had 18 points and 17 rebounds in Galeton's 49-25 win over Austin on Tuesday.

Katelyn Pagano finished with 11 points, Cara Parsell added nine points, Jessie Evans had four points, Kate Kulish scored two points and Makenna Shuemaker had one point.